No longer a burden

My name is Lotede napeyo and I was born with a disability. I currently study at Karkomuge primary school in Kapoeta North. Getting to school has always been a very big challenge for me. Before I got a tricycle, my mother used to carry me on her back and other times, some of my friends would help drag me to school. After some time, we started using a wheelbarrow which later got spoilt then my dad would carry me on his bicycle which also got spoilt.

I remember one day trying to drag myself to school and really getting burnt by the ground. Luckily, a stranger carried me back home. It got to a point where I would be left at home with animals because I was now a burden and I was only waiting for the day I would die. I felt so helpless and would really feel bad when I would see other children play.

When ADRA came, my whole life changed because they gave me legs and I was able to move around. They donated a tricycle, beddings, clothes, stationery, and toiletries. I now have a reason to live knowing that I would not bother anyone when I want to move around.

Sometimes my tricycle gets punctured because of the poor state of our roads but ADRA always comes through to repair it so that I am able to attend school regularly. My mother and father are so relieved because they no longer have to carry me to school like before. I no longer feel like a burden

May the almighty God bless ADRA so that they can keep helping and touching more lives.