The Food Security and Livelihoods pillar for ADRA SS is designed to full fil the 4 pillars of food security (availability, access, utilization and stability), provide employment opportunities and provide an opportunity for communities to generate income. Food Security and Livelihoods interventions cut across emergency programming, early recovery, recovery and resilience. The strategic outlook is for the unit to increase the number of projects, a diversified funding base and geographical coverage. A layered approach of activities in counties is being adopted so that the resilience capacities of communities are built. Asset creation forms the centre for this pillar as a spring board for the majority of community resilience capacity building activities.


The approach in FSL sector for South Sudan includes formation of aggregation centres and creating knowledge hubs where communities and extension staff share information on livelihoods and engage in peace building initiatives. Capacity building in agronomic practices and new technologies is key in achieving food security and resilience and ADRA SSD is pushing the use of demonstration sites to pilot new technologies and crops and move farmers from subsistence production to introduction of new crops (rice, garlic) for income generation and market led production. 

Complementary activities include nutrition education, cooking demonstration, staggering of production to ensure sustainable production and utilization for nutrition benefits.

Strategic Objectives

1. Strengthen crop/livestock production through employing climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in FSL.
2. Enhance farmer/community organization and formation of commodity associations to improve market linkages and market led production.

Your Impact

558,022 Lives

Beneficiaries reached – 558,022 reached between 2018 – 2021.