ADRA SS believes that Education is a vehicle for sustainable human development. Increasing knowledge, skills, human capacities and targeted intervention in the Education sector will lead to sustainable human development. We strive to increase equal access to safe, inclusive and protective learning environment at all levels of education and we strengthen education systems, structures and human resource for effective delivery of quality education in South Sudan. Our education programs are geared towards Increasing access to learning opportunities, capacity development of education institutions, bridging the gaps through Alternative Education Systems (AES), enhancing community participation in education activities, and vocational education and rehabilitation, construction and reactivation of primary education.


Our approach encompasses community engagement and participation of education stakeholders at different levels to remove barriers through awareness and participation in education activities. We focus on strengthening of education systems through capacity building of communities, teachers including volunteers and Education officials to improve their skills in the delivery of education in both development and emergencies.

Strategic priorities

1. Enhance Community engagement and participation in education activities

2. Strengthen education systems and build capacity of Parents Teachers Associations (PTAs), School Management Committees (SMCs) at county and Payams.

3. Establish/rehabilitate primary school structures and provide education learning/instructional material support

4. Enhance the capacity of the community to engage in supporting education and other development initiatives through Functional Adult Literacy (FAL)/ accelerated education

5. Build the technical capacity of out of school youths (Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) and other skills building initiatives)


590,916 Lives

ADRA SS Education sector impacted 590,916 lives between 2018 – 2021.