Amputated to save my life

My name is Changkuoth and I live in Maiwut. When I was 2 years old, I was bitten by a snake on my foot. My parents rushed to the nearby clinic for treatment but my wound was never healed. My foot started to get an infection which became very septic.

The best medical care could only be found across the border in Ethiopia but there was no money to take me.My father tried to get some money to get me better medical attention and even sold some of his livestock but the money was never enough for me to go.

Meanwhile, my situation was getting worse and I was my parents were losing hope. My father was later posted in Juba on national duties which is very far away from where we live. My mother had to care for me on her own in the absence of my father.

One day ADRA came to learn about my situation and decided to seek better medical attention for me in Gambela, Ethiopia. They were able to facilitate all that was required for me to go and get help. Unfortunately, by that time the infection on my foot was worse and it had to be amputated to save my life.

I was so sad about losing my foot but I thank God that ADRA saved my life because I would have died had they not come along to help me. I am now healed and able to go to school, play, and go fishing with my friends. Thanks to ADRA for saving my life so that I can live to tell this story.